Feature products

Membrane switch

Membrane switch is an electrical switch for turning a circuit on and off. This unique product is processed by printing a circuit made of conductive material on the Polyester (PET) or Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). Its many benefits include: bright and colorful, compact structure, small, thin and light, water-proof, dust-proof and comfortable texture.

Force sensing resistor (FSR)

Force sensing resistor is an evolution of the membrane switch technology: it is light, small, sensitive, and ultra-thin. What defines a force-sensing resistor is its unique characteristic of dynamic conductance / resistance relative to the amount of pressure applied to the conductive area. As more pressure is applied to the surface of the sensor, the conductance becomes greater and the resistance becomes lower as a result. It can be used in a variety of products including automotive, medical equipment, music instrument, gym equipment and toy.

Projective capacitive touchscreen (PCT)

PCT provides an accurate and flexible interface between human and machine. PCTs are embedded with various IC choices which allow users to enlarge, shrink, rotate, flip and drag pages easily. Our PCT capability can also assist our customers on the construction of PCT, IC fine-tuning and resolving electronic interference issues.

Printed electronics

Flexible printed circuit (FPC)

Flexible printed circuit also known as flex circuit, is a technology of making a highly-stable and flexible circuitry using flexible plastic substrates such as polyimide (PI) or Polyester (PET). FPC's flexibility and strong signal quality ensure reliability and ease of control; and its size and weight reduction makes it ideal for three-dimensional assembly and installation. It has been widely used in electronics and communications industries.

Dome array

Dome arrays can be part of a membrane switch assembly, with the domes positioned on a flexible printed circuit or on a printed circuit board. Walico provides a variety of dome diameters that can suit your specific product design. Its price–performance ratio is much higher than open arrays assembled independently.

Electroluminescence (EL)

Electroluminescence (EL) is a backlighting technology that works by sending an electric current through phosphorous which then emits light when charged. It is one of the best backlighting options for providing even lighting across a large area. Similar to light guide films and fiber optics, EL can control the colors and light intensity via the printed overlay that covers the lit area.

It is light, thin, flexible, and very little heat generated. It has high shock absorbing ability and long service life. It is commonly found in communication products, electronics, toys…etc.



Walico's graphic overlay nameplates are usually constructed from poly carbonate, PVC, polyester metal or glass. Our graphic overlay is silk-screen printed or digitally printed. Various sophisticated processes can be incorporated such as embossing, selective texturing, transparent windows, abrasion-resistant coating or chemical-resistant coating. It not only provides aesthetic appeal to a device, but it also provides environmental resistance (such as from ultra violet light, moisture or high/low temperature).

In mold decoration (IMD)

Walico's IMD technology is processed first by printing on a film, thermo-forming the film, then mounting the formed film on the injection mold cavity. Resin will then be injected and molded on the back of the film, therefore combined with the ink layer.

The characteristics of IMD include:

-- Scratch resistant and long service life

-- Graphic clarity

-- Dust and moisture resistant

-- Dimensions design flexibility

Vacuum forming

Combining its expertise in the printing and molding technology, Walico is capable of printing on flat films and then transforming the films to 3D shape by vacuum forming. The end product looks professional, and has a high price-performance ratio. This technology is great for making display products for a vending machine or point-of-purchase (POP), and it is excellent for gift or advertising products.

Plastic card

Walico's printing capabilities have equipped us the know-how to provide plastic cards by digital, offset and screen-printing. These cards are widely applicable in the security, telecommunication fields and can be used as membership or loyalty cards.

Metal overlay

In order to satisfy our customer's end product design needs, we have a series of after-printing services to complete the metal overlays.

They include:

-- Blanking, forming, embossing/de-bossing, and diamond cutting

-- Epoxy encapsulation

-- Anodizing, hair-lining, texturizing and sandblasting

Glass overlay

Walico's glass overlay provides customized solutions such as:

-- Chemical or thermal-hardened glass

-- Anti-glare (AG) glass

-- CNC glass cutting

Anti-static brush

Anti-static brush

Carbon fiber anti-static brush is an easy and economical way to remove static, and is widely used. Office equipment like computer printers, photocopiers and fax machines, anti-static brushes are used to remove static charges so as to optimize the printing results.  Walico imports carbon fiber brushes from Japan, which are heat and corrosion resistant and provide stable and optimal performance. We can provide you the best customized brush for your application, and offer flexible production quantities with the highest quality and the most economical price.


Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)

Our advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly production lines have equipped us with the capability of PCBA. We can provide a series of products which suit any product design. By applying conformal coating to the PCBA parts, our PCBA product can also withstand certain extreme environment in order to guarantee its performance.


Metal stamping

Metal stampings include ranges of sheet metal cutting and forming processes, which include, but not limited to, processes like blanking, embossing, bending flanging and coining.

Silicon keypad

Walico's silicon keypad solution offers multiple silicon colors, adjustable shape and sizes, different surface protection spray and texturing, epoxy, laser etching, nomenclature, backlight keys, and Plastic + Rubber (P+R) keypad

Plastic injection/Plastic bezel

Walico can provide plastic injection parts for different fields, such as automotive, home appliance and industrial.

Garment accessories

With our extensive experience in printing, we offer a variety of garment tags and accessories, products include silicon patches, labels, hangtags… etc.

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